About the Smart City Testbed Program

The Smart City Testbed Program is streamlining the process of piloting emerging technologies while using the entire City of New York as a testbed. Every public asset, from the skyline to waterfronts, can potentially be a location where your technology is tested and evaluated to potentially become a solution for over 55 of NYC’s agencies. 

The purpose of the Testbed Program is to also bring innovation within the City government by accelerating the process of piloting new technologies. 

Given the diverse challenges City agencies face and the far-ranging goals they seek to achieve, the Testbed Program is welcoming all urban innovation solutions that can improve operations, service delivery and efficiency, close the digital divide, and enhance the social impact in communities. 

Are you passionate about leveraging technology to create a more equitable, sustainable, and future ready city? 

For questions regarding the Testbed Program, please email [email protected]

Smart City Testbed Partners

The Smart City Testbed program is uniquely situated to connect applicant organizations with a partner organization set in New York City. Our wide range of partners offer collaborations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors as well as an array of settings including our parks, waterfronts, and universities.  

The Smart City Testbed program is thankful for the work of our partners, who are featured below. 

City Agency Partners

Academic Partners

Asset Partners

Incubator & Accelerator Partners